Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, the Humiliation!

My husband's employer has recently signed up with the Apple Program, an insane insurance thingy to help all their employees and spouses stay healthy. What happens, see, is they raised the price on our health insurance, and if we do their program, they'll lower it. Supposedly, it will be lowered to a little below where it was when they jacked up the price, so we will come out ahead. You'll note I said supposedly ... I'm a natural cynic about things like that.

Last night was the Night of Fun and Merriment. Spouses of employees went down to the workplace and got a health assessment so we'd know what we needed to do in order to "pass." I was weighed (I'm fatter than I thought I was) and I was pricked (my blood is exactly the color I thought it was - kind of a nice burgundy-red) and my blood pressure was taken (right about where it usually is, which isn't a terribly bad place to be. Especially considering that I was under stress at that moment.)

The upshot? Because of the fatness thereof, I get to call a life coach on the phone once a month and discuss my general fatness. I get to set goals and track them, and if I do all that, we'll save money on our health insurance.

In theory, I can't say this is a bad idea. We all could stand to be a little healthier. We could all eat better, exercise more, drink more water ... but to be told such things, by a stranger (translate: cute little blonde girl who has never had a fat cell in her life) and to have to meet with someone on the phone and tell them about your donut cravings and lack of desire to eat broccoli ... I don't know. In a way, it seems invasive. In a way, I'm thinking it's a good incentive. I don't actually know what I think.

However, I'm going to get a little more serious about this whole thing. I want the money-saving incentive. Even more than that, I'm flying across the country in May and I want to make sure that my hiney is comfortable in the seat, so I want to decrease its dimensions a bit. More on my plans to do this another day ... the natives are restless and it's bedtime.

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