Monday, January 11, 2010

Victory over the enemy

You may be asking, "What or who is the enemy?" After Tristi's post, we know fat isn't the enemy. So what is? I'll answer that question.

We are! Our bodies are naturally lazy and crave what is not healthy. But why? Because that is part of being human. Ever heard the phrase, "I never said it would be easy, only worth it?" Well, that's my theory. We are meant to over come the desires and cravings of our bodies, to master them. It's not easy.

This week, I can honestly say, I HAVE PREVAILED! And believe me, it was hard. It was that time where I am always hungry, retain water and feel ornery from morning til night. But as I weighed myself this morning, all that sacrifice was worth it. I am down to 155.6. That means, in one week, I lost five pounds.

My old "tight" jeans are actually baggy! Yeah baby! I love this diet. It takes a bit of discipline, but is well worth it. I feel so good.

I also measured myself, which I do once a week and have lost several inches all over. That feels good too. I've learned something in my studies. Your body develops a base weight. It stays there for a variety of reasons, mostly hormonal. It doesn't matter what you do, you will probably not get past it. If you do, you will bounce back. The hcg actually helps you change that hormonally stuck weight and resets your base weight so it won't come back. I LOVE that.

After finishing the hcg diet the first time. I didn't stick to a strick diet like I was supposed to do for the first three weeks after. I went back to my old way of eating. I didn't lose any more (which I was supposed to do if I ate healthier) but I did maintain that ending weight for three months. That means it worked! I started at 175 back then, and ended at 158. This time, I started at 160 and hope to get to about 140-145. Somewhere in there. I also plan on doing better immediately after which is vital to setting your new base weight. So, there it is.

Good to all of you in your endeavors!


Jeri said...

good for you! You and I are starting right now at about the same weight - so we'll see if my "training for triathlon and eat healthier" can eventually catch up to your method... (i was at 160, bu the holiday chocolates and nuts got the better of me and now I'm more like 162...)

Rebecca Talley said...

Great!! Congrats on finding something successful for you!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Awesomeness!! Keep up the good work!

Marta O. Smith said...

I was just visiting Jane Still's blog and she's doing the HCG diet too.