Sunday, January 24, 2010

YAHOO!!! Below 200!!!

Melissa said never to round up, so I'm not going to. I weighed myself today and I weigh 198.4. I'm now officially below that stupid 200 mark that I couldn't seem to get rid of for MONTHS. And I've lost my weight that I gained on my trip to San Diego!

YAY!! So I've lost 2.2 pounds. I really shouldn't lose more than 2 pounds a week, but I'm totally okay with that. Supposedly three pounds is probably in the okay range, but high. After that, if I'm losing more, I'm losing muscle mass (again, doesn't apply to HCG).

As long as I'm losing, I stay motivated enough to stay on my diet. Even when my husband brings home FAST FOOD--I don't eat it, but have something else instead. Although it does make me grumpy!

Haven't talked to my older brother about how his thing is going. I think he has lost 25 pounds so far. Not sure though. He's hoping he'll level out to losing about five pounds a week. I have no idea if that means he'll lose muscle mass or not because he is eating so much protein.

I also have a friend who decided that she would just exercise to lose weight. She has gotten down to 194 on just exercise alone--she is the same height as me etc, but she has dropped in sizes like crazy. At 194 I'm still in a size 16, pretty solidly. At 194 for her, right now she is almost in a size 12.

If only I didn't DESPISE exercise the way I do!! ;)


Jenn Wilks said...

Shanna, I'm so impressed that you can "just say no" to fast food! You're my hero! :o)

About the exercise, it's true - I've found that it's pretty much the key to re-shaping your body. And that's the whole point of weightloss anyway. If the scale changes, but the way I look doesn't, then what's the point? I'm with you on hating it, though. But once you get into a routine, and your body gets used to it, it's not so bad.

Good luck with everything and congrats on the milestone weight! (Because even though it's not /all/ about the scale, it's still REALLY NICE to see the numbers going down! :o)

Sunny said...

Yay! Congrats!

Sandra said...

Yay! yay! Yay!

Tristi said...

Fabulous!! Awesome!! I'm so happy for you!!

Okay, I've just made up my mind. When I get below 200, we're gonna have a huge party, okay?? And it will need to be huge, because that will represent a loss of a total of 84 pounds for me!

Tristi Pinkston said...

You know what else is awesome - you're not only below the 200, you're *well* below it. Hee hee hee ... that's so great!

Shanna Blythe said...

Believe me I become very grumpy. Especially if I'm still hungry!!! ;)

You're totally right about exercise reshaping you. I'm actually hoping to lose enough by spring and then start riding my bike again that I feel okay about keeping to the diet and still doing the exercise.

But I figure taekwondo has got to help somewhat!

Sunny and Sandra,
Thanks for the encouragement!!

You are SO ON! You can do it!!! And that would be an amazing amount of weight loss. I can't wait!