Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slow and Steady . . . BOO

Okay. Yeah, yeah. Slow and steady wins the race. BOO on that.

I've definitely been slow this week. And having a challenging time. For example, my calories were probably around 2000 yesterday, instead of 1400. I know. Bad Shanna. And no, they weren't good calories. Not really bad calories, but not good, either. Yesterday I weighted 197.2 and today I weighed 197.6.

It's still a loss. But not as much as I like to see. Also, getting on the scale everyday has been lame. My weight has been all over. I went from 198.4 to 198.8 to 198.0 to 198.6 . . . it's been all over the range of 198, but hasn't been a real weight loss. Until yesterday and then I weighed 197.2. Go figure.

I've also noticed that when I get hormonal that my weight loss really changes for a couple of weeks. So I'm going to wait until next week to see what happens.

I did go to taekwondo this week--just once--and it killed me! Over the past month and a half since I've been I was sick for two weeks and didn't do ANY exercise. I've lost any kind of stamina I once had. This is why you can't stop. You take two years to build the stamina and then you can lose it in say TWO MONTHS. Sheesh.

Official weigh in--197.6. I haven't even lost a pound from last week. Sigh. BUT, it is still a weight loss, right? Again. I'll be good this week and see what the scale says next Sunday.


berlinwritergirl said...

Good luck. I hear you on the stamina thing. I was doing really well and then over Thanksgiving I broke my tailbone. I have not gotten back to a good workout routine since then. And right when I thought to give it a go. I broke my toe! (Yes, I'm a little bit clumsy) but still.... Oh well we just keep pushing on!

Tristi said...

Hey Shanna, hang in there! Hormones will do a lot for weight, and so will water gain. I never weigh myself the week before - I just know it's going to be unfortunate. :)

The Wii Fit Balance Board tells me that in the course of a day, weight can fluctuate by up to two pounds, so those skittering numbers every day are pretty normal.

I'm so proud of you for getting below 200. That is something to be so proud of. Even if you do have a hard week, you can look to that accomplishment and know that you did it.

Rebecca Talley said...

I think you're doing GREAT! Don't weigh yourself everyday, it's just a prescription for getting discouraged and giving up. If you have to weigh, go for it once a week at the most. But, the best test is to see how your clothes fit.

Good for you!

Jenn Wilks said...

Keep Going! I agree - it's soo frustrating that it takes so much work to get in shape and so little slacking to lose it. But you're doing great!