Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ready . . . Set . . . Crawl!

Okay, so I'm not feeling overly confident in the start I've had so far on my triathlon training.

But in the past 8 days, I've done one 20-minute run, an upper body workout, and an 800-meter swim. And I've eaten a lot of sweets. Like, a really lot. But not as much as I was eating before I started, er, training.

I also found out some amazing news. The swim portion of the tri I'm signed up for is only 300 meters! Hallelujah! I can do 750 just fine, but not at anything over a snail's pace. The shorter the swim, the less behind the pack I'll be. ;o)

One good reason to train hard on the swim, though, is that your start time is determined by your swim speed. The slower I am on the swim, the closer to the back of the pack I'll be. And already starting out at the back from the beginning just doesn't sound fun. LOL!

The kids are back in school on Monday, and hopefully I'll find some small amount of willpower to get myself back on track once we're back on a schedule. Wish me luck!!


Kimberly Job said...

I had fully intended to start my dieting New Years resolution on the 1st, but then my parents invited us to Olive Garden. So, the diet starts Monday--I know, famous last words. :) Good luck on your training!

Tristi said...

You say triathalon, and I say, wow ...

Kellie said...

Swimming is supposed to be one of the best exercises, so I'm sure that as you practice you'll get much better. Good luck!