Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, the Humiliation! Part Two

The natives are in bed (mostly) and I believe I'm ready to proceed with my train of thought.

First of all, you will notice off to the right that I added a little something to the sidebar. That's right - I posted my current weight under my name. If any of you would like me to do that for you, I'd be more than happy to ... it'll keep me from being the Lone Ranger over there. But I did that for a very important reason ... I'm not doing well right now, and I intend to change that.

Folks, I weigh 284.5 pounds, according to the Wii Fit. According to the scale at the health assessment last night, I weigh 284.0, so I think I can trust the Wii's judgment - I've wondered how accurate it is, and that answers that question. (Of course, I was hoping the Wii was very, very wrong.) It is with no small measure (pun not intended) of trepidation that I post my weight on this blog. However, you're all my friends, and I trust that you're not all going to rush out and post it on your Facebook status. My last reason ... I've decided to show that if I can do it, anyone can.

My cholesterol: 199

Triglycerides: 403

Blood Pressure: 126/92

I'm not going to post my BMI. I do have some pride left. But basically what I'm saying here is, I'm not in the greatest of shape. I don't have anything terribly wrong with me right now, but I can see where I'm creating an environment where it so easily could happen.

So, here's the plan:

In working with the life coach, I'm going to establish goals to help me get these numbers where they should be. I'm going to set a date to go in and have these levels rechecked, and then I'm going to check 'em. Then we're going to see how I've done. I'm going to do some research into what kinds of goals are realistic - I'm not going to plan for my cholesterol to go down eighty points in the first week, obviously. I know that things take time, and progress is slow. But we're going to make progress.

I promise myself that.


Kimberly Job said...

I admire you and think you're amazingly brave. Keep up the great work. You'll make it, and hopefully inspire me on the way. :)

Kellie said...

Tristi, you are awesome. I know you can do it. You've channeled all your willpower and energy into writing fantastic books. That takes so much willpower and dedication. I know that you can transfer some of it over to this goal. I hope I get to see you in May!