Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Birthday!

Today was my hubby's birthday and we had snickers cake. My piece was small but I'm not holding my breath. Tomorrow the missionaries come over for dinner and Friday is my son's b-day but in between I'm planning on being great!

I'm afraid to stand on the scale so I'm waiting until next Monday. Now I'm just trying to stay happy and maybe eat breakfast. This morning I had breakfast at 10am (up at 5am).

I'll do better.

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Marta O. Smith said...

Here's a good low-fat dessert I like. Take an slice of angle food cake, pile it high with fresh strawberries (or any other kind of berry) and top with low-fat or non-fat whipped topping. If you want it a little fancier, drizzle it with chocolate. (Remember, DRIZZLE as in French restaurant, not DROWN as in what I am prone to do with chocolate. It can take a little willpower.)