Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, Monday

Yesterday was not too shabby. Cherrios for breakfast (which, I believe, have all the nutritional characteristics of sawdust), chicken noodle soup for lunch (which doesn't even count as a meal, because you drink most of it), and a hamburger for dinner. The last one isn't all that healthy, but we were at a back-to-school night barbeque, so it was unavoidable. I did, however, not eat the chips or the cookie. I tried to eat the baked beans, but one bite informed me that they were cooked by the school lunch lady.

So, a good day. Up until the late-night ice cream. But that totally doesn't count, because--HEY! What's that over there!?


Shanna Blythe said...

I love Cheerios. And then adding in strawberries? Yum! But yeah, as far as nutritional? I have no clue. Oh, and unfortunately I always add in some sugar. Sigh. See? I always get the sweets somehow!

RobisonWells said...

Actually, the reason I like Cheerios is because I don't like sweet cereal--I don't add anything to it. (And I don't eat fruit at all.) Aside from Cheerios, my second favorite cereal is Corn Flakes.

My wife thinks I'm boring.

Shauna said...

My favorite cereal is grapenuts. It has a really awesome, nutty flavor. Cheerios? not so much.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I used to think that anything eaten at the computer didn't count ... but that's part of how I ended up this way. :) I'm just sayin', you can believe whatever you want about the ice cream - doesn't make it true. :)