Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where Has Christine Been?

I know, I know. I've been AWOL the last few days. After a great beginning, I sort of fell off the wagon. On Thursday I was finishing up my Christmas story for http://www.ldspublisher.blogspot.com/ and didn't get out of my room until noon. Then my teenage son called from downtown. He had been sleeping at a friend's house and they decided to walk a few miles but didn't have the energy to get home. What he failed to tell me is that he had gather four other friends together on the way.

I picked up the six fourteen year old boys and spent the afternoon driving them over town as they prepared to decorate the Bishop's lawn that night with forks, TP, plastic gravestones and stuffed dummies representing each of them. With a boatload of junk food and a handful of videos we headed back to my house so they could hang out until it was dark enough not to get caught.

Amid all this activity I still hadn't had breakfast. At five o'clock when I was going to have a salad, the Doritos looked too good. I admit I was awful because I was STARVING- which is why I'm supposed to eat every ninety minutes.

So Friday is writer's group. After being up most of the night making sure the teenagers didn't get out of hand, I dragged myself from bed and raced over to critique group at ten without breakfast again. It went well. They liked my story with very few changes but we did go through other people's chapters and it took a long time, for some reason. I didn't got home until 2pm, still having not eaten and had two bowls of Cap'n Crunch. It went down hill from there.

Sunday I was great (again no breakfast first meal at 5pm- do we see a pattern?) then I remembered it was my friend's birthday. Well, actually I forgot and visited her and then remembered so I ran to the store (yes, on Sunday but it was an emergency) and bought her a cake and we had to share it.

Yesterday my George turned 19. His mission papers are almost in and we had fun but I went to Panda Express and had cake.

Bottomline, today I'm back on the program and after my evil weekend, I'm back up 2lbs which still means I lost 2lbs last week. I'm at 255.

I'm going to weigh in on Mondays, although next week is my husband's birthday. We'll see how it goes. Cross fingers.

And I NEED to start exercising... well, I can only improve, right?


Shauna said...

We should be allowed to count every pound lost, no matter how many times we lose the same pound! Well, okay, maybe we'll only do that on the ticker! It sometimes seems like all we are doing is going up and down, but if we are headed in the right direction, making healthier decisions and changes, we are still better than if we weren't aware or trying at all. LOVED your story by the way!

Sandra said...

I did a story for LDS publisher as well!

And healthier choices and progress are what it is all about.