Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brownies and Bike Rides

I have been so good about exercising this week. My arms should be pretty buff now. And I'm sure the pound I gained (back to 137) is pure muscle. Here's a little taste of my exercise routine this last week. And remember, it's a two part routine: morning and night.

Morning Routine: Have children of varying weights pull on arms. Lift arms up while child is holding on tightly and whining. and then carefully bring arm (and child) down. Repeat until arms fall off.

Nightly Routine: Feel the need to remove nasty wallpaper in stairway and half-bath. Scrape at nasty wallpaper all night long. Sweat. Repeat.

I'm telling you, this is great stuff.

Ok, so I haven't really exercised this week (even though I had a great goal) as in putting in a DVD and exercising with it, but I have biked instead of driven a few times and like I mentioned above, those things really did get a good sweat going and lifted my heart rate a little. One of the bike rides I had to go up a dang steep hill and I made myself stay on the bike. Usually I get off and walk the bike up any kind of mildly steep hill. This time I pushed myself. When I got to the store and got off my bike I thought I was going to fall because my legs felt like jelly.

Anyway, the half-bath is almost rid of wall-paper and I don't have to babysit much this week, so I should have more time to do real exercising.

Confession: I made brownies. We wanted to invite a family over for dessert and games, so I made a pan of brownies. I didn't eat as many as I usually would have. In fact, I only ate one while they were here and one after they left. Usually I would have had one before they arrived, two or three while they were here and another one or two after they left. So, my will power is getting better.


Rebecca Talley said...

I've had to count house projects for my exercise and I say if it gets your heart pumping it totally counts. I've been painting and now we're putting up crown molding, tiling, and, oh yes, more painting. Oh, and I cleaned the basement carpet at least 5 zillion times--it was disgusting. So I decided that all counts!

Shauna said...

I applaud your willpower! I haven't had the guts to bake anything sweet because my routine with the pan of brownies is similar to what you used to do, and I really don't know how I would do with the temptation of baked goods. It seems there are many of us that have home improvement projects going on right now, and at least we are moving! Good for you staying on the bike instead of getting off! Those hills are killer. Keep up the good work!