Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday check in

Yesterday was supposed to be my day on the treadmill. Again with the supposed to be stuff. After the headache on Thursday I slept in yesterday which gave me no time to do the treadmill before all the appointments and kid stuff kicked in. Plus, my daughter in law asked me to watch the baby while she took Hunter to the park. Jordan cried the. entire. time. She has never done that before, so I was little stressed over that. I have always, my entire life, been the person that others hand a crying baby to because they always stop crying for me.

So here is the breakdown:
Breakfast- omelet with green onions, tomatoes from the garden and green and chocolate peppers- also from the garden. (chocolate and lavender peppers were and experiment this year. They are sweet and oh so good.) I also had 2 pieces of turkey bacon. It would have been 3 if the cat hadn't looked so piteful begging under the table.

Lunch- I missed lunch because of the above mentioned kid stuff, so we stopped for frozen yogurt and I had fresh strawberries on mine. It had sugar in it and I can so tell this morning. The pain in my back is so terrible that I can barely move. But I am moving anyway, because that is the best way to make it go away. (well besides not eating the bad stuff to start with)

Supper- Totialla soup soup. I'll post the recipe later today. My kids love this meal and ask for it often.

Exercise- Because I missed the treadmill, I walked with my daughter to her soccer practice. It is only 3 blocks and it is downhill there, so I was sure I would get a good workout on the uphill coming home. But it was raining with fierce lightning so we had to get a ride home. But half a work out is better than none.


Shauna said...

It's really hard to surmount the health issues when starting to exercise, it always seems like the health issues hold me back more than I would have imagined they would. But you have done so much already with your nutrition, I just know you can do it with the exercise too! I really admire how much work you are putting into it with the amount of pain you deal with.

Marta O. Smith said...

Chocolate and lavender peppers? Seriously, a vegetable with the word chocolate in the name? Where can I find those?

Sandra said...

I found them at the local nursery when I was picking up plants and seeds for the garden. I am not sure where to find them already grown- a specialty market or health food market perhaps?

Tristi Pinkston said...

Now there's a vegetable I think we should all try. :)