Sunday, August 30, 2009


Actually, I weigh-in on Saturday morning, but I'll post how much on Sundays--most likely. I started my diet full force (the food part anyway) on Sunday-one week ago. Well, more likely it was Monday, but let's just say Sunday.

Last week, on Saturday morning I weighed, according to my scales, 210.6. I just rounded down when I posted my weight. Yes, I do things like that to make myself feel better! Yesterday I weighed in at 207.4 for a grand weight loss total of 3.2 pounds.

OOPS. Really, you should not lose more than 2 pounds a week--three pounds is pushing it. HOWEVER . . . sometimes when you begin a weigh loss program you lose more initially than when you get into the swing of things. If I'm still losing that much in two to three weeks then I'll increase my caloric intake by 100 calories a day and go from there. Of course, the idea of losing three pounds a week is a very tempting to hold onto. VERY TEMPTING. If I stayed at losing three pounds a week I could weigh 160 by the middle of December (no I did not calculate this, fitday did). But, I know that is not the way to do it . . . sigh. Also, if I tried to do this, then I'll hit a plateau pretty quickly.

I'm not sure if I ever said what my goal was--right now it is 160. In high-school I weighed 145 (I am 5'10''). While it is tempting to want to go back to that weight I've decided to see how I feel about myself and the way I look at 160. My picture on this site is what I weighed at 180 and I don't feel like I look fat in that picture. If I want to lose more weight WHEN (see how positive I'm being?) I hit 160 then I'll go to a doctor and increase things like muscle mass etc . . . well, maybe. I'll see what the doctor says and see how I feel about things.

I haven't started measuring myself yet. This is an important thing to do, especially if your weight tends to fluctuate wildly. Or, it can be a good indication that you are gaining muscle which you REALLY REALLY WANT. For example, say you weigh yourself for three weeks straight doing things you know are good for you, watching what you eat, reducing calories, exercising etc but you haven't lost anything or, horror of horrors, you actually GAINED. . . you may have lost in actual size.

Overall, this week I did fairly decently on my caloric intake and SLEEP. Yesterday, I didn't do so well on food. Partly because I'm fasting today (for religious reasons, not dieting reasons), and I knew I'd be at zero today. So going a little high yesterday didn't bother me so much. And yes, I really enjoyed that snickers candy bar and the handful of peanut M&M's. Yummm.

My caloric intake was pretty good overall--exercise, not at all. I did make it to taekwondo on Tuesday, but that is IT for the exercising. Well, other than doing stuff at school. I bet I could count some of that. On Thursday I tried to go to taekwondo, but there was an accident and the road was closed for a solid hour or more. We left after 20 minutes to go back home. I haven't started biking yet because that durn road hasn't opened yet. And I haven't done my rowing machine at home or any muscle building kind of stuff. I'll get there. I hope.

I'm a little worried about this coming up week. I'm going to be really busy--we have a back to school night on Monday from 5-8--I doubt if I'll even make it home on Monday until after 8. Then taekwondo on Tuesday and Thursday, which is good, but I hate being gone from home too much, it increases my stress . . . on Wednesday book club (at least it is at my house, but then I have to make sure my house looks good! and I fix the dessert which makes it harder to resist) and on Friday I think I actually have an evening free.

Hopefully I can stay strong and not eat too many calories. Wish me luck!


Sheila said...

I think that you had a terrific week! I am going to follow your lead and hopefully have good news to report in a week.

As for dessert on Wednesday, there are so many healthy/low fat desserts out there you can make. Make it easy on yourself and make or buy something that you can have, guilt-free, that night.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm really proud of you for that loss! You're right - you don't want to lose too much too fast, but you're also right in that you do tend to lose more the first week. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you - keep doing what you're doing and reevaluate in a few weeks. You go, girl!!

Sandra said...

Angel food cake with fresh fruit is a great dessert.

Marta O. Smith said...

Wow, 3.2 pounds is an awesome way to start out. So maybe it won't be that good every week, but it happened, so enjoy it!

Since you are in charge of dessert for your book club, you can make it something lighter. Maybe a fruit tray with some low fat crackers and cheese? Or green grapes, banana slices, and strawberry slices topped with vanilla low fat yogurt.

Shanna Blythe said...

Keep it up! Things are always up and down with dieting and stuff like that . . . sigh. And I'd better do something healthy for Wednesday.

Thanks so much! I need all the encouragement I can get!

That sounds yummy.

It is a good way to start out . . . and a little tempting to want it to stay that way. But I want to make sure that don't get discouraged when it gets down to around one pound a week . . .

Good suggestions--I really like fruit--not green grapes but red grapes? I really like!!