Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weight and Writing

For those who don't follow my every movement (and I'm sure I'm speaking to a very small demographic here), I mentioned on the Frog Blog that I'm under weird circumstances that require me to start and finish a book, all in two months. So, i decided that in addition to posting my diet updates here, I'd also post my writing updates--that little bit of extra incentive. So, here we are:

Writing Update: I have a rough outline of the entire book now. In fact, I have a rough outline of three entire books. When reading the outline yesterday to my brother, he pointed out that Holy Crap, that's a long book and it really ought to be three. So, that makes my job of writing it easier.

Dieting Update: Yesterday I was doing really really awesome on the diet. I'd eaten next to nothing all day--I think I had a piece of toast and glass of milk. And then I met Jeff Savage for dinner at Applebees. And then he was half an hour late, which gave me nothing to do but sit in the booth and look at large glossy pictures of steak smothered in cheese and pasta covered in bacon. It was like a dieter's pornography. (Also: since I was all alone and constantly looking out the window and toward the door, I think that everyone in the restaurant thought I was on a date, and I'd been stood up. And then Jeff showed up!? WHAT?)

Anyway, if the scale is to be believed, I've lost another 1.5 pounds. Also, if my belt is to be believed, I've lost another hole on the belt.

Also, did you notice that Erin, my wife, has showed up on this blog? For some reason her first post was buried under several of the others. But she's here, and you should go read it.


Matthew Buckley said...

Jeff kept you waiting for an hour and a half? How long did I keep you waiting?

There you go.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Congrats on the loss ... and as far as dating Jeff ... well, I'll just remain silent on that part.

By all means, please do post your writing progress here. And if you're still needing some encouragement come October, I do quarterly writing challenges at

Sheila said...

How exciting about the books!! I am thrilled to think I will soon be reading another book written by you.

How rude that Jeff almost stood you up! ;) Congrats on the weight loss!

Kellie said...

Wahoo on not being stood up! Oh, and the losing a belt hole, too.