Monday, August 31, 2009

Weighing in

This morning the scale said- 177.4. Another 0.6 lbs lost.

I can live with that since last week I didn't do very well. Exercise consisted of only the walking that I did at the school. I didn't make it up and down the stairs everyday like I wanted to. One day I wore the cute shoes and they hurt my feet if I did too much walking, so I spent the time at my desk instead. But I did park in the far parking slots so I had to walk further to the store or wherever. And I had to walk across a couple of fields to get to my daughter's soccer practice. But when the treadmill was turned on,it wasn't me on it.

I also didn't eat as well as I knew I should. Friday I had school lunch instead of the soup and orange I had taken. I try to eat my lunch before I have lunch duty, but on Friday it didn't happen and the chicken quesadilla just smelled so much better than the chicken soup. But I didn't eat the roll or the cookie and I did have the broccoli, carrots and cauliflower with lunch. But then Saturday after Brandi's soccer practice she wanted an ice cream cone. Her nose had gotten broken at practice so I gave in. I bought one for me too and forgot to ask for the teeny cone. Instead I was handed the standard "small" cone which is huge. And I ate it all. I did pay for it in pain on Sunday, but as I always tell my students- You choose the behavior, you choose the consequence. But it was a good treat at the moment.

Total lost since starting-2.2 lbs about 1 lb/week. So far, good and steady. Easy for me to do while the weather is nice, but when it gets cold and yucky and I want cocoa and a good book and my comfy chair...

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Shauna said...

Yay for another .6 lbs! Good job, keep goin!