Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love Yourself and Win

by Lu Ann

First, let me report that I’ve done well this week. The scale still says ERROR, but it takes a second or too longer to think before it does so, and I’ve actually seen a couple of numbers flash across which makes me think I’m getting close to actually being able to get weighed on this crazy cheap thing!

The second sign I’ve done well came when my husband returned from a week of working in Los Angles to immediately remark, “You’ve lost weight. That roll around your tummy is smaller and your face has more shape.”

Sign number three, I went shopping yesterday for clothes, and I was actually able to fit into pants that were back a size from where I’ve been wearing exclusively for the past year. They were a tiny bit snug to button, but button they did and it was enough to make me happy.

Another big win for me is that I’ve not been so tired or in quite as much pain when I’ve had to walk to classrooms at school and for shopping at the grocery. So right now, I’m loving myself enough to feel I can keep this up for yet another week. This morning I got started with watching the Richard Simmon’s video pack I bought from QVC. The first DVD is “Love Yourself and Win.” Richard talks about six steps we need to adopt emotionally if we truly want to lose weight.

1. Think positive. I can do this.
2. Practice patience. Set achievable steps.
3. Be forgiving. If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Start fresh tomorrow.
4. Shed the past. Don’t think about how you got here and dwell on the past gains and losses. Look at where you are today and get started.
5. Have faith. Believe in yourself and your ability to shed the pounds.
6. Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you can do.

In addition to the mental change, add these three physical changes.
1. Portion control. I use the Food Mover to help me keep track of what types of food I’m eating each day. It’s too easy to stuff myself with starches and ignore the veggies. This helps me keep everything in balance.
2. Accountability. In addition to the Food Mover which my youngest son likes to help me with to keep me on track, I have this blog where I have to report to you.
3. Keep moving. Richard says we need to find ways to move our bodies, even if all we can do it a tiny bit. Since my injury last year I’ve needed do more exercising of my arms, so while I watched the video, that’s exactly what I did. I’ve been looking for little ways to add an extra stretch, walk more steps, bend a little farther to use a few more calories each day.

I’ll stop back in next week with my next report. Now if I can only love myself enough to stay out of the kitchen where it smells like either my husband or one of my sons is frying honey bacon!


Marta O. Smith said...

Isn't it great when you've made enough progress that other people can see it? Your husband and son sound very supportive.

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing those tips. I know that they are things I have read before, but I have to continually read them to have them sink in.

Keep up the good work! It sounds like you are making great progress!!

Tristi said...

Lu Ann,

I'm so proud of you - working past that pain and staying focused. It's really inspirational to me.

Rebecca Talley said...

Moving really does make a difference. Looks like you have some great goals and ways to achieve them. You can do it!!

And you'll look beautiful in purple!