Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little intro.

Let me be honest here. It's taking no small amount of courage to write about my weight loss struggle. I want to be true-blue so all of you out there will know you aren't alone in your struggles with the same thing.

I had my first child almost fourteen years ago, and thus began the slow process of weight gain. With each child, I gained more and lost less. I never developed great exercize habits as a child either. It just wasn't something my parents encouraged us to do. I've had to develop my own habits over the years and let me tell you, IT HAS BEEN HARD! I've gone up and down, up and down so many times that honestly, I feel like giving up and just accepting my body the way it is. The bad thing about that is that I feel like crap when I give up--mentally and physically.

I tried to be a runner, and absolutely fell in love with the sport, but my arches fell. For seven years, I have struggled to continue but I know it's just not meant to be. I bought a bike and I ride, but not consistently.

I just bought some Latin dance exercise videos which I really love and have been consistent with that for the past few days but if my track record is anything to go by . . . .

So, (deep breath) I'm starting out at 171 lbs. Oh my word, it hurts to say that! I'm trying to eat healthy most of the time and I go through spurts with that too. I've struggled with Chronic Fatigue for the last few years, but I think that is getting better. I take Bio-35 and love it. I also take Cayanne capsules and an herbal hormonal suppliment. All these things are helping me to feel great.

This is me in a nut shell. This is me starting out on the same journey I've started a hundred times. I want to feel good. I want to be healthy, and I want to live a long and happy life. Today is what matters and today, I will do my best. I will post my progress. Good luck to you too!


Christine Thackeray said...

Wow, I wish I was 171lbs. Best wishes on your journey but also look at the weight, height and age charts. Sometimes our expectation is beyond what our bodies need to be. If you are 5'9", medical recommendation is between 120 and 170 depending on bone structure so you aren't as far away as you think. Here's a great site to help you find your target.

Good luck!

Christine Thackeray said...

Sorry, I meant between 130 and 170. 120 would be crazy. Oops.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Welcome, welcome, Melissa! I agree with Christine, 171 is lookin' pretty good. :) Glad to have you on the team.

Shauna said...

I completely agree, it is definitely hard to talk about struggling with losing weight, especially when it is obvious to others that you need to lose weight. It's hard not to wonder how much people focus on that when they think of you. Don't worry about telling us how much you weigh, it doesn't matter what number you are! It's just a number! It's brave to say it out loud when you haven't done it before, it gets easier the more you do it! (and, of course, the more you lose. You think, hey it's better than it was!) I think your goal of feeling good, being healthy, and leading a long and happy life is just perfect. Good Luck!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Thanks so much guys!