Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Checkin' In with Tristi (and a note from Grandma Ruthe)

First off, I just have to say how pleased I am that you're all chatting happily amongst yourselves and getting to know each other. I feel like I've thrown the cool party on the block and everyone is having a good time. I'm such a good hostess. :) And no, that's not a Hostess cupcake, or Zinger ...

I haven't weighed since my last check-in because I find that if I weigh myself every day, I get obsessed. I'm already pretty OCD about a bunch of other stuff - no point in creating even more reason at this point, right?

Yesterday my mom and I remained on the fruit diet until dinner. We had plans to eat baked chicken breasts and a green salad for dinner, but my sister and her family showed up and we got pizza instead. But I did eat a nice portion of salad alongside, so all was not lost.

Then last night we went for a brisk walk around my neighborhood. Not too sure how far we went, but it was far enough that we both felt we'd done ourselves some good.

Today we started with the Body for Life plan. After eating a piece of leftover pizza, I had a banana and a boiled egg, which good intention completely overruled the pizza and rendered it ineffective. For lunch, I had aforementioned baked chicken breast and a green salad, with a (small) serving of Doritos. So far, so good. But then for dinner, well, I was away from home at critique group and I had a little cheese ball and some crackers and some seafood dip and a couple a cookies. Little party cookies, though, not like large homemade ones. So dinner sort of went by the wayside, but overall, I think I did pretty well on the diet thing. I had fruit (I forgot to mention the apple in the afternoon) and I had vegetables, which I don't always do. And I had very little sugar.

For exercise, we went next door and picked up plums that fell on our elderly neighbor's lawn. She wanted them thrown away before the fruit flies took over her yard, and I can't blame her at all. So for twenty minutes, my two older sons and I bent and squatted and squatted and bent. My legs are so sore right now, I decided to call that the lower body workout recommended for today by the Body for Life plan.

That concludes my report. I'm eating better, I'm moving a little more, I'm eating less sugar. That all has to be good.

Grandma Ruthe has been too busy to blog, but she has lost a pound. She'll post later as she has time.


Shauna said...

Yay! It sounds like a bunch of us are more aware every day of the movement and food choices we are making. Thoroughly enjoying your blog! Two thumbs WAY up! And Congratulations to Grandma Ruthe!
I hear you on weighing/getting obsessed! Excited to see how we all do at the week mark. Is there a way to add a "pounds lost" tickerbar or something? It would be neat to see at a glance how much weight we've lost as a group. Just a thought!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love the idea of a ticker, Shauna! I'll look around online and see if I can find one that fits the bill.

Christine Thackeray said...

Okay, so the eating thing is going well but I've been bad about moving. Congrats that you're being so good in that department.

Kimberly said...

You know what I love most about what you're doing? That you're doing it gradually in a sense. That it's not a matter of must-be-perfectly-healthy-NOW, but working towards that end. I think we often fail in our attempts to get healthy because we want to make a great big leap from where we are to where we want to be. We need to learn to be content with just being better than we were, and keep working from there. (Also, though I'm not actively trying to lose because of pregnancy and all, you all are inspiring me to be healthier and I'm down 1.5 pounds!)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks, ladies!

L.T. Elliot said...

Picking up plums definitely counts! We have apricot issues at our house and those suckers are everywhere and take forever to pick up. Plus, squats suck (do lots of good, but suck nonetheless).