Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Report on yesterday:

Back to school staff-elty meeting. PTA sponsored lunch. There was not a whole lot that I could eat given my no sugar rule. I had to break that rule in order to eat. Sandwiches on white bread (another no no in my eating), vegetable salads (all gone when I got done with my meeting with the assistant principal- too bad I could eat them), assorted jello dishes and one mystery glob salad. I think it was strawberry jello and cottage cheese. I am not sure. Then mint brownies for dessert and pop to drink.

Besides not eating sugar, I don't eat white flour or processed foods and no sodas of any kind. I ended up with a small sandwich, one of the jello salads and a brownie and a bottled water. This is the way our society eats and so I have to make room to either not ever eat at functions or learn what choices to make. I probably could have passed on the brownie, but...

Exercise- didn't do the 10 minute dance video but chose to walk around 3 stores shopping with my 18 year old still trying to get him ready to move out on Sat. Then I came home and cleaned the kitchen mess that the kids left me. (not a happy mom on that one) and then walked Brandi to and from soccer practice. And the amazing and great thing about that is we made the trip in less time than usual- 20 minutes instead of 30 (10 minutes each way). I was a little winded when we got home, the trip home is the uphill direction. But I feel good about it.

Another good thing today. The assistant principal was giving me a new school shirt. She asked me if I wanted the girlie one or a plain t-shirt. I wanted the girlie one. I usually can't get the girlie one because they run super small. Even the x-large doesn't fit. Today it did! And it looked good! Woo Hoo!!

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Shauna said...

Yay! That's so great when clothes fit that didn't before. Good job, keep it up!