Monday, August 17, 2009

Change of Plan, I'm still here!

I wasn't able to get time off and go back home with the family, but it sounds like my father in law is doing better already. I have my Bryce here-he's the baby even though at five, that word is not one he appreciates. So no biking in the morning or swimming lessons in the evening. I am also vehicle-less, my van has finally decided it can go no farther until it has some major TLC. So if we need anything, we will be walking. And if I do any exercise away from the house, it needs to be something my 5 year old can do. We will be making at least one grocery store trip this week, which is half the distance we are used to walking when we go to the swimming pool, so carrying back some weight should not be an issue. I was absolutely horrid on the food yesterday, I ate late at night which I have tried to stop doing, and had some stress-related eating that stopped after I realized what I was doing. But the scale was nice to me this morning, down to 271. One more pound down! Has anyone else noticed that their weight loss/gain seems to have a week to week mindset? I wonder if it's tied to hormones. It seems I have one week of weight gain, one week of plateau, one week of gradual weight loss, and one week of higher weight loss. No matter how hard I work, my weight seems to follow that same general pattern. Let me know if you guys have noticed anything similar, and if you have any great ideas for exercise at home. My Treadmill isn't working, and now neither is my Wii, so no Wii Fit. I think it came unplugged or something along those lines, but in the mass of cables I can't really tell although I have tried. Any ideas would be appreciated!


Christine Thackeray said...


When it rains it pours. Wow, you've had a lot at once. If you need a ride, call me. Also, we should start going in the mornings together. What time does your hubby leave for work?

Shauna said...

I get home at seven to wake him up and make him breakfast. I must warn you if we exercise together.. I am the SLOWEST person I know! =D