Monday, August 31, 2009

HCG diet update

Morning all! Today I started the HCG diet. It was so interesting because not only did the doctor take my weight and height, but he put these little electrodes on me and hooked me to a computer. It prints a readout of how much of my weight is comprised of two different kids of fat.

It measured the amount of fluid in my cells and takes my body mass index. It was all very interesting. He said for my body type--the way it's made up--that I am dehydrated and need to have more sea salt in my diet. He explained that contrary to what doctors used to believe, salt (sea salt especially) is necessary to pull fluid into your cells. Otherwise, you'll just pee it out.

He also told me that I could safely weigh down to 114 lbs, but that for me, it would be best to weigh between 130-135. My BMI was 26.9 and he said for me, it should be about 22.

He measured my neck, arms, upper belly, lower belly, waist, and thighs. I didn't ask what those measurements were!

Then, I got my first injection with a teeny-tiny needle. He jabbed it in and had me push the liquid in. I hardly felt it. I have to do this every day to myself. He explained that HCG is the same hormone pregnant women make and is harmless, but it will mobilize the fat, beginning to dissolve it.

The diet is very restrictive but my body will begin to dissolve up to 3500 calories of fat each day. I will only be able to eat 500 calories a day in food, but he said the way it works, you are not hungry unless you cheat. The first three days you are supposed to eat A LOT!!! And very high fat foods. This directs the HCG where to go somehow. After the third day, I will start to lose about a pound of stored fat a day and that is from the places where it's "stored." So, supposedly, I won't lose too much from my boobs! Let's hope!

I have found it very hard to eat like I'm supposed to so far. I'm in the habit of eating low fat and only what I really need, so this gorging is going against the grain. Other than that, I feel great. No side affects yet. I'll let you know how it goes giving myself the injections! lol


Shanna Blythe said...

I thought it also helped you retain your muscle in addition to helping to burn the fat away. Was I wrong? Are you exercising too? I had some friends who did this diet and they told me they were not supposed to exercise. Yet, I know this lady who is doing it in my taekwondo class and she is going to class.

Josi said...

I have several family members that are doing this diet--they've had a lot of success. I can't imagine eating 500 calories though, wow. Even if I wasn't hungry, just the habit of eating would be hard to break that completely. Best of luck. It's fascinating to hear about.

Shauna said...

If it's not too gauche, can I ask how much it is costing you and what kind of Dr. you found that does it?

It does sound very interesting, I am excited to see how it works for you!

Tristi said...

I'm a little concerned about the 500 calorie thing ... is that enough to keep you alive?