Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Report on The First Day

It's Tuesday morning, which means it's been a full day since I started my adventure. So far, so good ... I'm down two pounds!Let me explain just how that happened.

I have learned, in my time spent investigating such things, that whenever one is seeking weight loss, one should make sure that the body's processes of elimination are functioning optimally. I've tried to think of ways to express this without being gross, but you know what, I'm failing. So I'll just tell ya. Your intestines hang on to bits and pieces of things from months past, and if you're not digesting them through, they can lead to excess weight carried in the abdomen. One really good way to take care of that is to choose a time when you're not busy and eat a whole bunch of fruit all day, every day, for a couple of days. This is what my mom and I started yesterday. Lots of cherries, grapes, and watermelon, but supplemented throughout the day with a little protein drink and an occasional hard-boiled egg, for additional protein. For dinner, we did a nice big green salad and some baked fish. We'll do that all day today, too, and by tonight, our systems should be ready to function more freely. Keeping the colon clean can also help reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancer. The magazine I got this diet from suggested that you do it for two weeks, but you know what, there's only so much you can do without feeling like you're just being silly. Two days is the max for me - I'm in this to get healthier, not to starve myself.

So, yesterday went pretty well, with two setbacks. I did the fruit thing all morning, then put some eggs on to boil. We had to run to the store before I ate the egg, and my protein totally bottomed out while I was standing in line, so I grabbed a peanut butter cup. Then after dinner, a sweet lady from church brought over a plate of her homemade cinnamon rolls. I had one (just one). Other than that, the eating part went well. I also did my upper body workout - on Body for Life, you rotate which parts of the body you work out - and am feeling pretty good about that.

So there you have Tristi's Monday report. Down two pounds (although not burned-off fat cells, which is really the most ideal) and I'm ready to move into the second day. Tomorrow begins the regular Body for Life diet program, and I'm pretty excited this time around. How could I not be, with this awesome team behind me? You all rock!


Shauna said...

Congratulations! Keep it up!

Marta O. Smith said...

Don't worry about the peanut butter cup and cinnamon roll. From the sound of things, they ought to zip right through. ;)

Kimberly said...

I'm feeling all inspired - way to go!