Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday I slept in, and did the Wii Fit instead for my exercise. Was ok on eating, and I was glad to see I wasn't as exhausted as I had been the day before. It was lighter exercise, I spent most of my time on the yoga and balance exercises. My arms are a little sore from it, I wasn't expecting to feel any difference besides maybe longterm flexibility, so it is a bit surprising. Spent most of the day dealing with a flat tire and then a flat spare, getting pulled over for a nonworking brake light and then taking care of that and getting the ticket dismissed. When the officer walks up to your window and you have four kids in the back singing the COPS theme song and he doesn't even crack a smile you know it's going to be a long day.

Didn't get up early to exercise this morning either, (that's two days in a row now) maybe my goal is just a little bit too optimistic of doing it every day by myself. I had started doing it with a friend who was much further along than I am and now it doesn't work for us to exercise together anymore.

With all the changes in the weather I just keep having to deal with migraines, which is draining as well, so even though I was light on the exercise I was asleep again from 10-11 and had a pain in the brain the rest of the day. Sometimes the medicine doesn't do it's whole job yet you don't want to take anything stronger and have to deal with those side effects, and get brain pain- not a migraine any more or even a headache, it's just a .. pain.

I was pretty proud of myself today, did really well on food all day, even when I went to a movie, no drink, no popcorn, no chocolate, which for me is an accomplishment. Which, by the way, The Time Traveller's Wife was good but I was one of the few that didn't cry. I always wonder when that happens if I'm broken. It might have been better if I didn't keep wondering if it really was PG13 with the amount of naked behind they showed. But I hear that if you read the book first the movie is actually better than the book so maybe I should have read it first!

I have made appointments for me to have swimming lessons so that when I go swimming it is more effective than me just doggie paddling everywhere, and I know that will help me get back into swimming instead of feeling.. stupid when I try to swim.

It isn't helping how tired I am or how stressed I am that my darling husband's job is keeping him at work until 11 at night this whole week. Of course I am staying up so I get to see him, and that makes it very hard to get up at 5 and exercise. I just keep telling myself how glad I am that he has a job with all the economic instability, but it still is kinda hard to deal with being a work widow!

So.. tomorrow. My goal is to exercise for ONE hour. I am really enjoying my bike, so I probably will just do that again.


hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I don't know how you did it at the movies. I LOVE going to movies and as soon as I step through that door, the smell overwhelms me and I can't resist buying some popcorn.

In fact, I think movies are my weakest link because I don't like sitting there without something to munch. How did you do it? Was it terrible? Good for you anyway. You have a will of steel!

Shauna said...

It was all about timing for me. The movie was at 6:40 and I made sure to eat dinner right before I left, a homemade lower fat chicken fettuccine Alfredo and then instead of timing my arrival at the theater to be before the movie started to be slightly after the movie started. I missed one preview but because I was hurrying to my seat so I didn't miss the movie itself, it was very easy to bypass the snack counter. I had just enjoyed the nice buttery flavor of the alfredo sauce and was still full from dinner, so the smell of the popcorn wasn't a temptation. And since I wasn't eating the popcorn, I didn't need a drink!

Kellie said...

I love riding my bike for exercise! It's one of my favorite things. Good job at the movies!!