Monday, August 31, 2009

Half a pound down

In your face, fat!

So, yeah, half a pound isn't that amazing of a weight loss unless you know how poorly I have dieted in the last three days. I was doing really well until a date with my cute wife on Friday (eating the large combination at a Mexican restaurant) (and it wasn't even worth it because the food was lousy), then having a Japanese food party on Saturday, whereat I ate about 50 (no exaggeration) gyoza--little dumplings. And then yesterday I had ice cream. So, half a pound is decent.

Today has been much better. I've decided to get off of caffeine entirely, in hopes that it can do something about this two-week-long headache I've been having. Today is the first day off, so we'll see how it goes. Here's the problem: I just really really like caffeinated beverages. Sprite just doesn't cut it. And don't get me started on water--who's bad idea was that stuff? It doesn't taste like ANYTHING.


Jenn Wilks said...

You are too funny, Rob. I do have to stick up for my good friend Water, though. Don't go talking smack about my friends. ;o) Good luck with that headache. Hopefully it'll go away soon. I have a friend who went off of caffeinated drinks a few months ago. He told us in Sunday School a few weeks ago that he was "3 months sober." :-P He says he really does feel a lot better, though.

Sandra said...

Rob, you will feel so much better- once the pain stops.
Those first couple of weeks off of caffeine are the worst.

And water? That's why I add lemon, lime, herbal tea something, anything to mine.
Try True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange. You can get it at the grocery store next to the Kool-Aid.

Erin said...

Totally not fair! I had the same week and I gained a pound. But I will beat you.

Oh and yes I would love to go out!

Marta O. Smith said...

When drug addicts are detoxing, the hospital sometimes gives them methadone to ward off the symptoms of withdrawal. With that in mind, you might try Excedrin to taper off the caffeine. Get the caplets. You can break them in half and just take 1/4 of a regular dose, but it might be enough to take the edge off the headache.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

You totally crack me up! I love your posts! lol

You know, it's date night for me too. That dang Friday comes around and I know my diet is shot!

I do like water but I def. get tired of it. I've never had a problem with pop though. I've never liked it. It gives me gas. I had to drink it on my mission to Venezuela all the time and it was pure torture! Literally! lol

Good luck with that!

Josi said...

A few years ago I was whining about water as well--I hated it--and a friend told me to drink ONLY water for two full weeks and to drink it at room temperature--you can drink more that way since your body will rebel against too much cold. I did it, and hated it for the first few days, but I came to love it. I now notice when I'm not getting enough in a day just by how I feel and how my lips feel (they get dry and cracked pretty quick when I don't drink enough)

Shauna said...

The headache will get worse before it gets better with stopping caffeine. If you stop ingesting caffeine, the withdrawal should be gone in a week and the headache, if caffeine induced, should be gone as well. Just make sure if you're taking a bunch of pain meds for the headache you're not causing an analgesic rebound headache. Two weeks is a long time to have a headache. Hope you feel better. Sleep and water are great for helping take care of a headache.

Tristi said...

I feel your pain, Rob - I've been struggling with caffeine because my adrenals are shot and it's the only quick way I've found to stay awake. I'm trying to find ways to fix the adrenal problem. In the meantime, Coke has become my friend.

I know, I know ... I'm going to heck.

Anna said...

I also like caffinated drinks. Lately though, I have noticed that days that I drink caffeine, I tend to have a higher chance of insomnia. Makes it a little easier to try harder not to drink it.

I also am taking excedrin when needed so I don't have a headache the entire time. Can't deal with a headache and 3 little kids at the same time.