Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Unbalanced

There's really no surprise in that statement to those of you who know me. You've always suspected it, but now I have proof.

We got a Wii Fit last night. I didn't anticipate that we would so soon be entering the world of Wii, but my husband won one at work, so that took care of part of the expense right there. I decided that I wanted to give the Wii Fit a try, give myself something fun that would be an incentive to get up and get moving. I spend so much time at my computer, I need a good reason to get up and move around.

We set up the Fit last night and I was the first one on it. It puts you through a series of tests to determine your overall condition and ability to balance. My Wii Fit age is 29, which means that I'm four years younger than I think I am, but I have also been labeled as unbalanced. Yeah, like I said, no surprise there.

I really think I'm going to enjoy this program. It's a whole lot of fun and I've always enjoyed games. My major problem with it, though, is that it's telling me I'm fully ten pounds heavier than my bathroom scale says I am. That is so humiliating. I mean, I'm overweight as it is, right?

Anyway, I'm going to be measuring my progress with the Wii Fit from now on. I'm just going to ignore that nasty number and concentrate on how much it says I've lost. The only real problem at this point is that my kids all want their turn on it too.

By the way, Grandma Ruthe has also gotten into the Wii Fit and I trounced her at the ski jump game. She's also lost another pound for a total of two. And yes, I did gain back my two and haven't lost it again. Working on it ... working on it ...

Contributors, please remember to e-mail me with pounds lost, and if your picture isn't up on the sidebar yet, please send me a reminder note. The brain is no longer what it used to be.


Anna said...

I love Wii Fit. It at the very least gets you up and moving. I do like the step aerobics. I have a bad knee that can't handle normal sized step aerobics and the Wii board is perfect height for me.

I am interested in the workout video that the lady from Biggest Loser made. Uses the numchucks and board.

At least it makes exercising a little more fun.

Oh, and I like the running game. My kids love to see who they pass while their Mii character runs.

Oh... :) And I'd say the worst part is when they do the weigh and you balloon up and the music plays. Makes you feel bad.. which I suppose is good because it makes you want to lose the weight.

Erin said...

What an awesome way to get fit and lose weight! Don't worry about the two pounds just keep going that is what is important.

Sheila said...

I need to get me the Wii fit. I have a Wii, just not the fit part. Good luck getting your turn in.

Kellie said...

I've never been interested in the Fit until now. I can't go out and buy one, but maybe I'll see if any of my friends have one. Sorry about the weight difference on the Fit, that does stink. Keep up the good work, though!