Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marie Osmond

Have you seen Marie Osmond lately? She looks fantastic. She's lost 50 lbs. Wow. That's an amazing accomplishment. I wonder if she'll be able to keep it off. Will she have to eat NutriSystem food the rest of her life to maintain her weight loss?

No doubt that Marie looks gorgeous, but I'm not sure it's realistic to lose weight with NutriSystem unless you plan to eat that way forever. I couldn't do it. I needed to find a way to lose weight that is realistic for me and my family.

That's why I like South Beach. It isn't a radical change from my previous diet and it's easy to implement. I can eat vegetables, cheese, meat, beans, and add in fruit, whole grain cereal, and wheat pasta during Phase 2. I can also have a sugar-free popsicle or fudgesicle every night.

I think that's the key. If we lose weight doing something totally unnatural for us, chances are we'll resort to our previous eating habits and gain all the weight back. If we make minimal adjustments over time or find an eating plan we can live with forever, we'll be much more likely to succeed at our weight loss goal.

Today I ate scrambled eggs with cheese, onions, and green peppers. Drank 2 quarts of water. For lunch: salad, lunch meat, string cheese, 2 quarts of water. Snack: small bag of almonds. I also exercised to a new DVD by Leslie Sansone using the big ball and then did a few routines to a DVD of Dancing with the Stars. (I'm learning the dances so when I'm a NYT Bestselling author and they ask me to be on the show, I'll be ready).


Erin said...

I really liked what you said about making realistic changes. I also saw the new Nutrisystem Marie Osmond and for a second thought "wouldn't that be great!" Only for a second though. I knew first of all that that was too expensive for me. I also know that the only way this is going to work for me is if I make a lifestyle change and not a dramatic one.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I've always loved the South Beach Diet. It's the only one that has ever worked but I still have a really hard time when I start adding the sugar back in (fruit, and even whole grain bread)

As soon as the starches or sugars are back, I gain weight. I'm stuck eating protein and veggies and I don't really love veggies as much as fruit. What's a girl to do?

Rebecca Talley said...

I've found with the SB diet that I'm still losing when I add back in fruits and cereal, just not as much as when I'm on Phase 1. I've actually eaten pizza every week since I started (wheat flour I grind myself for the crust). I love fruit and could never do a long term diet that didn't include fruits and grains.

Once I get to my goal weight I'm planning to watch it carefully and weigh in each week to catch any pounds before they pile up, which is what happened in the first place.

I really like SB and for the most part it's been pretty easy and is fairly close to my previous diet sans the nightly ice cream and other junk food I'd snack on.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I totally love how you're getting ready to compete on Dancing with the Stars. I'd want to be paired with Maxim. :)