Sunday, August 9, 2009

Posting My Goals - by Tristi

The moment of truth has arrived, the moment where I tell the world what I desire to accomplish with this blog. No point in hiding it - no point in being shy - I'm among friends, right? My total goal is to lose 122 pounds. I'm taking this in segments, as it's easier to tackle that way - so my first incremental goal is losing thirty pounds by December 31st. At that point, I'll set a new goal and we'll keep moving forward in that fashion.

My mom (Grandma Ruthe) and I are doing Body for Life, starting tomorrow morning. I did the program for about a month this last year, and I lost thirteen pounds, so I know it works. However, as with any weight-loss program, it took a lot of concentration and focus, and my life has become so busy, focus is something I don't have a lot of any more. In addition, I've always had a hard time making myself the priority, so if I had two things to get done and one of them was taking care of myself, you can bet I'd do the other one first. This is why I invited my mother to do the program with me, and also why I'm starting this blog - to keep me on track. Here, I have accountability. I know you readers (and other bloggers) will want to know how I'm doing, so that gives me more incentive. My mother will remind me and help me stay focused, so that problem is solved as well. I have the tools, and now I have the reminders.

I'm posting some before pictures and I plan to update them once a month. I need to see if I can find some kind of cool program that will allow me to superimpose them over each other and with luck, see a marked difference from month to month. I'm particularly targeting the roundness of the stomach and the protrudence of the behind. Get those two areas under control, and I think the rest will fall into line pretty easily.

So, wish me luck! And talk to you soon!


Rebecca Talley said...

!22 lbs? Seriously? Isn't that too much for you to lose?

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm sorry to say, Rebecca, that is how overweight I am.

Christine Thackeray said...

I'm excited about this! Thanks for inviting me. I was wanting to do Doug's but the timing wasn't good. I'm hoping this is a great experience for all of us! I can't wait to celebrate our joint successes. I love to celebrate for any reason. Party on!

Shauna said...

Good luck! I also have a large amount to lose. We can keep each other on track!